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black heeled leather lace up sandals

El Greco's Anogi Heeled Sandals


Step into sophistication with El Greco's Anogi Heeled Sandals, handcrafted in our Athens workshop. These sandals feature premium leather straps that provide both style and support. The adjustable lace-up design ensures a secure fit and adds a touch of elegance. The cushioned interior offers all-day comfort, while the sturdy block heel provides stability and height. Perfect for both casual and formal occasions, the Anogi sandals are a versatile addition to any wardrobe, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern flair.



  • Material: High-quality leather for a refined appearance.
  • Design: Adjustable lace-up straps for a secure and elegant fit.
  • Interior: Soft leather-lined, cushioned footbed for superior comfort.
  • Heel: Sturdy block heel for added height and stability.
  • Crafted in: Handcrafted in our Athens workshop, reflecting our dedication to quality.
  • Perfect for: Versatile styling, ideal for both casual and formal occasions.

elGreco Anogi

85,00 € Κανονική τιμή
75,00 €Τιμή Έκπτωσης
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